Paintings 2023-4

The Letting Go, Acrylic on canvas 159x181cm
The Waves, Acrylic on canvas, 121x 163.5cm
The Bounty, Bundanon, Yuin Nation Acrylic and bronze pigment on canvas 174x127cm
Calliope Acrylic on canvas, 152cm x 108cm
The Immeasurable Acrylic on canvas 174×120
Dawnies: Love Undying Acrylic on canvas 136 x 108cm
Dawnies: The Legend of the True Cross 110x 156cm Acrylic on canvas
Osiris 270x222cm ( Acrylic, terre verte pigments, titanium and mica flakes on canvas

Adhisthana Acrylic on canvas 167x117cm
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