My practice addresses the uncertain and chimerical nature of the body through painting. States of the body such as pregnancy, sex, illness and death bring into question commonly-held views of the body’s ‘splendid isolation’ and invulnerability.

When painting, I like to purposefully foster instability and ‘not knowing’ by turning the picture upside-down, unconventional materials such as wax, and working from memory. Through painting I argue that the mismatch between the representation and represented is the subject of painting itself. As Enrique Martinez Celaya says, the tension between the means and ends in painting “invokes a gap between our consciousness and the world and invites longing to span across it.”

In “Here he comes now”, the figure seems to emerge from dark background tentatively but poignantly, growing both mammary glands and a skull simultaneously. As it stepped forward, I felt a sense of recognition: “Ah, there you are!”