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Drawing and painting has the conceptual potential to doubt or negate: painters have used the drawn language ’against itself’. Rather than seen as an undesired ‘anomaly’, uncertainty and doubt can become the approach and lexicon of drawing. Marks that depict for example, the body both assert the components of the experience and question them at the same time.

I apply this questioning of doubt to the sensate experience of the body: a field of colour is painted and then the lights taken out through ‘frottage’, or rubbing the dried paint away back to the canvas to create light areas. 

The figures float in an unknown environment,. The figure is inchoate, fragile and tenuous, and the edges of the figure bleed into the background, or have multiple iterations. It is sometimes unclear which way is up. There is a sense of loss, of falling. Often this is also ambiguous: the figure may be ‘transcending’, or may be falling. Doubt is an alternative form of knowledge to conventional knowledge- where what is not known is present as the reciprocal of the known.

“A mystery is that which shows itself and at the same time withdraws”- Heidegger



Ma Fine Art Painting 2010 – Ongoing   National Art School, Sydney

Graduate Diploma in Counselling 2011 – Current   Aust College of Applied Psychology, Sydney

Postgraduate Diploma in drawing 2006   The Princes Drawing School, London

Artist-in-residence and part-time teacher 1999-2002    Bedford Modern School, Bedford, UK

Bachelor (Hons) of Fine Art 1996-2000    Norwich Art School, Norwich, UK


Group Exhibitions

31 Days Gallery Red, 131-145 Glebe Point Rd, Sydney 2010

Reality Cheque ATVP gallery, 565 King St, Sydney 2010

Masters Exhibition National Art School Library Art Gallery, Sydney, 2010

The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize -Finalist Adelaide Museum 2009

The Mosman Art Prize -Finalist Mosman Art Gallery 2009

Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize -Finalist ATVP gallery 2009

Open Studio May St Studios, Sydney 2009

Underwater Love Gallery 285, 285 Liverpool St, Sydney 2008

Annual Open Studio Lennox St Studios, Sydney 2008

High Tea The Tea Building, Shoreditch, London E9 2007


Richard Ford Travel Scholarship and Prize 2007

Solo Exhibitions


Painting the Hastings Pipeclay Gallery, Brombin, 2446 NSW 2012

We Drink the Life-water Together The Barn, Bude, UK 2010

Landscapes The Wild Cherry, Bethnal Green, London 2007



  • Taught courses in drawing for adults throughout 2009 and 2010, culminating in two successful exhibitions at Gallery Red in Glebe, Sydney
  • Facilitated Art Therapy workshops in Mayo Private Hospital, Taree, NSW
  • Implemented and facilitated art workshops for Aboriginal communities in Utopia, NT, and in Derby hospital and Numbulananga Nursing home, The Kimberley, WA.
  • Developed partnerships between the Tom Bass Sculpture School (TBSSS), Pine Street Community Arts and the National Art School, creating scholarships for young people. Also with Accessible Arts and TBSSS, creating scholarships for adults with disabilities.
  • Received the Richard Ford Travel Scholarship for one month in Madrid, obtained the final prize for this scholarship.
  • Created a 4.8m high backdrop for the contemporary opera “The Triumph of Life” at Stratford Theatre, a major London venue.



Self-employed art teacher running ‘The Drawing School’ 2009-2011


  • Leading drawing classes in public venues across Sydney


  • Coordinated two exhibitions of drawings at Gallery Red in Glebe
  • Newspaper articles on The Drawing School in The Glebe and UTS magazine


Tom Bass Sculpture School, Sydney 2007-2010

TBSSS is an independent art school for all ages with about 120 attending students

Administration and public relations officer


  • Student enrolments, relations, and welfare
  • Administration representative at committee meetings
  • Website designer, updater
  • Publicity Officer


  • Established 3 major partnerships benefiting young people, adults with disabilities and art students with a passion for life study, by giving them the opportunity to learn sculpture for free
  • Redesigned the website, acknowledged as leading to increased student numbers


London Buddhist Centre, and London Buddhist Arts Centre 2003-2007

The London Buddhist Centre is a medium sized charity

Volunteers and Publicity Officer


  • Manager of course and retreat enrolments
  • Coordinated team of fifteen volunteers for front of house reception
  • Updated art and listings on website for more than a hundred events each year
  • Created art and design for publicity
  • Assisted on retreats and courses
  • Reconciled the bookshop income
  • Representative at East London communities meeting


  • Worked effectively in an 8 person team to build rapport and effectiveness.
  • Mentored and lead a team of volunteers
  • Acknowledged by management for calm and warm communication with the many daily public visitors.
  • Organised campaign to raise awareness about the Arms fair at canary wharf, and a peaceful demonstration asking the G8 leaders to ‘drop the debt’
  • Designed a website and an online marketing programme for the Arts and rehearsal centre


Bedford Modern School, Bedford, UK 2001-2003

Art Teacher, ages Year 6 – Year 13


  • Created lessons and projects for about 10 weekly classes
  • Responsible in my department for parent’s evening, examinations and report writing
  • Coordinated teaching Photoshop and IT- related art and design
  • Organised weekly after-school Life Drawing sessions
  • Organised and taught holiday art courses, Easter and summer, for ages 4- 8 and 8- 14.


  • Acted as mentor to several year 13 art students
  • Acknowledged by the Headmaster as a major contributor to the rise in grades in the department
  • Organized extra-curricular activities such as the painting of a ‘trompe l’oieul’ corridor at the school and animation- making
  • Coordinated and collaborated with yr. 11 students from school to create a 4.8m high backdrop for an opera at Stratford Theatre, in London