Aaron Matheson lives and works in Kingswood, Sydney. His approach is one of an open-ended and ‘unknowing’ sensory engagement with life. The subject of his practice is a desire to find haptic, unmediated experiences in a what is increasingly a cushioned and disembodied world. His practice of meditation and reflection helps him to return again and again to a sense of ‘touching the earth’, or bare witnessing of experience.

He has been a finalist in the Mosman and Waterhouse prizes, and awarded the Richard Ford travel award. He completed a year’s postgraduate diploma in drawing at the Prince’s Drawing School in London in 2007. He has completed a graduate diploma in counselling.

Drawn language is highly personal and not within the bounds of words to describe. It is his lifeblood to engage with this mysterious imagery that emerges from himself and others. As such he loves leading workshops and collaborating with other artists. These activities have included teaching “Drawing in the City at Night” in Sydney together with Enrique del Val, a residency at Bedford Modern School, and working with the Melbourne- based dance group Opal Vapour.