Painting and meditating 2015, Oil on board, 40x40cm


Hello dear friends, Just wanted to let you know the following….

A person from the US has begun to use my identity to try to prize from others their personal details- so, much as I dislike putting a message here, I want to ask that if you have been approached by this man, or collection of people pretending to be me, to work for him in return for financial payment- know that I do not employ people to send parcels of clothes and electronic items, and that he is just trying to get your details for some reason. Probably to pay his bills, I guess. May they be well, and may they be kind to themselves and others… but may they not get their hands on your personal details.

PS this doesn’t have any direct harm to me, only to those who he manages to scam.

He uses this link to a profile on the drawing school.…/drawing-yea…/aaron-matheson/

love the real Aryadharma Aaron x